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Zagros Bigvand was born in Kermanshah, Iran, a son of Kurdish-Iranian parents. He and his family fled Iran after the 1979 Iranian Revolution, and he was raised in America. Zagros’ childhood was a financially difficult one with his single mother bearing the primary responsibility for providing for her two children. Although she worked to support her family, she took the time to share her knowledge and insights with Zagros, preparing him (she hoped) to be a leader some day.

Consequently, Zagros learned to appreciate the struggles of a single parent, and his mother’s hardships inspired him to attain financial success at an early age. After starting his first software company and graduating from the University of Texas at Austin in 2001, he pursued a career in computer software. The financial fallout of the 9/11 tragedy caused him to lose everything, and he left the software business and entered the mortgage business. Since that time, Zagros Bigvand has become a top-producing mortgage professional in the state of Texas and has gone on to start multiple successful businessesand real estate investment ventures.

Zagros’s current big initiative is his real estate company, Go Go Green Realty. Go Go Green is the first and only green real estate company in the United States. It uses a portion of its sales commission to make the clients’ homes green for free after closing. This ground-breaking venture combines Zagros’s expertise in real estate with his passion for environmentally friendly and financially beneficial products.

This same passion for environmentally sustainable policies has generated a corresponding charity: PhilanthroGreen. PhilanthroGreen not only connects people with environmental charities that match their passions, but it also serves as a watchdog for those charities. By examining the percentage of funds used for overhead expenses versus those dedicated to work on the ground, PhilanthroGreen develops a ranking systemfor the charities it recommends. This ranking system encourages organizations to commit a higher percentage of their funds to their recipients and informs contributors of the organizations’ financial outlays.

Zagros is also a media personality. He can be seen onBravo’s Millionaire Matchmaker show as a featured millionaire in season 2 and as a return guest in season 3’s finale. He has appeared on radio and tv affiliates of NBC, CBS, and CNN. Additionally, he can often be heard as the host of a mortgage and real estate radio show in the DFW area.

Because of the hardships he faced in his childhood, Zagros seeks to support others growing up in financial difficulties. He participates in several charitable organizations and seeks to help others through education and charitable giving. This interest in enabling others to be more financially successful coupled with a personal background involving political revolution inspired him to write his first book, Mind Your Beeswax. With this book, Zagros conveys to both the Haves and Have-Nots the importance of increasing the public’s financial knowledge and success. This expansion of financial knowledge and wealth helps ground a nation’s stability and ensure its future success. More importantly, however, generosity—intellectual, financial, and personal—remains central to successful relationships,businesses, and societies as well as to a meaningful life.

Zagros Bigvand resides in Dallas, Texas, where hecultivates generous relationships with his family and friends, and where he follows a vegan diet. This move to vegan living is an outcome of his increasing environmental awareness and his desire to live the healthiest and most sustainable life possible. It is his belief that even one person can make a difference, and he is committed to living intentionally with an awareness of how his choices affect the environment and people around him.

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